Saturday, May 14, 2011

IQ: Intelligence Questions

  1. What does the term "IQ" mean? IQ is "Intelligence Quotient"
  2. When, where and by whom was the concept of IQ developed?
    Alfred Binet. His test were the basics of the modern IQ test.
  3. What is the average IQ?                                                                                                           Genius 144 0.13%
    Gifted 130-144 2.14%
    Above average 115-129 13.59%
    Higher average 100-114 34.13%
    Lower average 85-99 34.13%
    Below average 70-84 13.59%
    Borderline low 55-69 2.14%
    Low <55 0.13%
  4. What is Mensa International?
    Mensa International is the largest, oldest, and most well-known high IQ society in the world.
  5. Name at least two different IQ tests.                                                                                     Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC)                                                                           Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (Kaufman-ABC)

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